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trigraph Trigraph

trigraph Trigraph

Functions such as checking business and facilities, creating reports, sharing information in remote environments, and managing schedules are combined into one.

Trigraph is a general-purpose system that can be used in any business fields.

Main functions of Trigraph

  • Registrating and managing of property or matter
  • Checking business and facilities
  • Creating reports
  • Sharing information in remote environments
  • Managing schedules
  • Alert notification by e-mail
    • Checking business and facilities

      You can managing a series of flows such as checking, uploading photos, creating reports and clearly showing problem areas.

    • Creating reports

      You can output the report including photos with one click. Through link with PaperScape (sold separately), it can be used in more business scenes.

    • Managing schedules

      You can assign staffs to each job and manage attendance of staffs.

    • Connection with various devices

      By connecting to a device such as wearable terminal, it will be more convenient, such as automatically creating a report or remotely instructing work.

    Application examples of Trigraph

    • For check of housing construction
    • For regular maintenance of the facilities
    • For safety check before the event starts
    • We can customize it according to your needs.

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