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paperscape Paperscape

paperscape Paperscape

A new "layout design" system in the cloud era

With plenty of templates and beautiful fonts, anyone can easily create and manage various printed materials.

Main features of PaperScape

  • Select a template and print it with one click
  • Ease of use like familiar PowerPoint
  • Create and manage user templates
  • Commercial opentype fonts available
  • Event driven merge printing function
  • Link with your company's computer system and other web systems (※ NH3D connect is used)
    • Easy to use

      It is easy to use by click, drag and drop. You can create texts, figures and graphic images easily as with PowerPoint.

    • Beautiful fonts

      You can use commercial opentype fonts. Please inquire about the type of font to use.

    • One touch printing

      Simply merge the data into the prepared template to print.

    • Plenty of templates

      You can create templates yourself. Or we can create for you (Additional cost is required).

    • Always up to date

      As PaperScape is a web system, you can always use the latest version.

    • Link with your company's computer system

      It is possible to link with your company's computer system by using the optional system.

    Please contact us for details on "PaperScape".

    Operating Hours : Monday - Friday 10:00 to 17:00 Japan time