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We offer a small useful softwares for free.
Please try them.

  • migemo eclipse

    Type: Eclipse plugin
    Version: 0.0.3
    Release date: 2008/06/27
    Author : Matsuzaki

    By using Migemo for incremental search in Eclipse, you can search Japanese without IME translation.

  • EasyCapture

    Type: Screen capture
    Version: 1.0
    Release date: 2008/07/03
    Author: Uenaka
    Supported OS: Windows2000/XP/Vista

    By using EasyCapture, you can easily capture the area specified on the screen.
    (1)Download the file, decompress it and save them in the appropriate folder.
    (2)Create a shortcut key of "Capture.exe" on the desktop or the like.