staff comments

What is your impression of KITec ?

  • KITec contributes to the world using unique and latest technologies.
  • KITec is based on customer-oriented business as a matter of course, but also respecting the individuality of each employee and improving their skills.
  • In KITec, employees can concentrate on the work that they should do and the work that they want to do.
  • KITec stands out with Java technology.
  • KITec's employees are proud of their work.

What is the appeal of KITec?

  • KITec offers a free service to create floor plans on the web.
  • By exchanging information with people from other projects during breaks, we can get a solution tip by looking at the problem from another angle.
  • At KITec, we can flexibly use working time as long as our work progresses on schedule.
  • KITec's employees do not quit easily.
  • KITec can get a job with that reputation without a walk-in sales.

What is the pleasure of your work?

  • I am glad to be able to make my own suggestions to customer's business requests.
  • I feel delighted when I am able to surprise customers by providing the system beyond customer expectations. Though sometimes I overdo it.
  • I feel grateful that customers specify me for system development.
  • I develop various types of systems, so it can be hard work, but I can work with fresh feelings every time and it is fun.

What to expect from new colleagues.

  • Someone who has what he wants to do and has a spirit of not losing to others.
  • Someone who can investigate by himself rather than working as directed by his boss.
  • Someone who can be interested in not only his own work but also the work of others.
  • Someone who loves a drinking party. There are nice bars near the office.

From a new employee.

I introduce our company from me as a new employee.
KITec mainly develops systems using Java. I have not used Java until I joined KITec, so I am studying Java now. I recommend KITec to people who want to develop systems using Java. KITec also develops Thermo-Fluid Analysis systems. I would like to be involved in the work of Thermo-Fluid Analysis someday.
There are a lot of nice restaurants near the office. My seniors take me to various restaurants at lunch break and tell me about our company and the work. I am studying now, but I want to be able to work like my seniors as soon as possible. (2015/04)