KITec is IT solution provider and consulting company with small but highly skilled workforces. KITec respects every engineers mind. KITec's style is not only to do subcontract works of major system companies but also to discuss with clients directly and create valuable systems and provide them.

It is nice to work with seeing clients face to face. It is a great pleasure that the system that we develop impressed the client. KItec expects the person who have willing, ambitious and challenging mind.

Human resource development policy implemented by KITec

  • ・KITec develop human resources with one rank higher by challenging and responsible work.
  • ・KITec cultivates human resources who are committed to the industry's first system and the impressive system.
  • ・KITec develop human resources who are creative and act voluntarily and work in harmony.

Recruitment Information

System Engineer / Programmer

Job Description
Development of WEB system with HTML5, Scala, Java, TypeScript, Three.js, Unity, Angular, etc.
Our clients are major building material makers, housing manufacturer, etc. We develops the web systems using our self-developed Web 3D / CG engine "NH3D" as the basic business. We also promotes the development related to "madreamPRO", the web system creating floor plans. First of all, please contact us.
Employment Patterns
1. Contract employee 2. Regular employee (mid career) 3. Regular employee (new graduates)
Salary system
1.2. Annual salary 3.5 million yen ~ (negotiable)
3. Monthly salary 212,320 yen (graduate) ~ (annual salary system)
Training / Probation
1.3. 3-month probationary period (salary same as above)
2. 3-month probationary period (salary same as above※)
※ changed according to skills
Qualification requirements
1. People who have ever developed business programs in HTML5, Scala, Java, TypeScript, Three.js, Unity, Angular, C++, or the other languages are preferred.
2. People who have ever managed projects used HTML5, Scala, Java, TypeScript, Three.js, Unity, Angular or C++ are preferred.
3. People who have ever developed programs, built a website with JavaScript, or have practical computing skills are preferred.

Planning / Sales

Job Description
Sales and schedule management of the web systems using our self-developed Web 3D / CG engine "NH3D". Sales and marketing of our self-developed "Housing Inspection System".
Planning, marketing, and sales of products applying elemental technology owned by us, including "madreamPRO".
※ We are not recruiting now.


Working location
KITec Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Working hours
9:00 ~ 18:00 (1 hour break)
Benefits and welfare
All transportation expenses are paid. Various social insurance is provided. Summer bonuses and performance bonuses are paid.
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, summer holidays, New Year's holidays, special leave for weddings and funerals, annual paid holidays.


Please send us your resume and job history by E-mail.
Even those who currently belong to the company can also apply. Please contact us.
※ We will strictly keep information on your application as confidential.

E-mail address
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Please contact us for details.

Tel : 81-3-5369-2723 / Operating Hours : Monday - Friday 9:00 to 18:00 Japan time