We will create customer delight and trust by providing exceptional and unequaled services.

Since its foundation, KITec has continuously aimed to contribute to the development of society through the provision of unequaled and quality products and services that make customer delight.

There are 4 technologies that we use as core. With these we are developing original services that you can use online.

  • Java (Java Applet)
  • ネットワーク関連技術
  • 3 次元幾何処理CG技術
  • 数値解析シミュレーション技術

KITec will provide a solution to our customer who has problems with computer-based work, by accumulated knowledge and exceptional information technology.

KITec Core Values


We aim to be an inovative and unique company which keep creating new value.
We are committed to quality of our service, and at the same time we will keep growing with the needs of our customer.


We will provide a comfortable work environment such as healthy and wealthy which mean in both physical way and economic way.
We will cultivate people who has high technical capability, who can fulfill one's task, who can effectively employ their creative capabilities, who with common sense, and who has great personal magnetism.